Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accusations &Positve Mindstate

its been a grip since the last time i put up a blog...truth is da kidd been mad busy with school and putting more money in my i had to rebuild the hardrive of my laptop cuz i had hundreds of viruses and trojans and what not..but it was a good learning process...but anyways were down to the last 20 somethin days till graduation..and im ready.....i been waitin for this moment and its almost here finally.....if i had to change anything about highschool or do it ovr again i wulda took my time with skool more and took it more seriously....i did so much bullshitting it aint funny but aye dats da past we movin towards the my future i see myself touchin alot of paper and oppurtunities and imma b on em like a of this summer im on my grind wit makin money skool and music...and plus i just found out im goin to africa for two weeks in july so da summa sounded real sexy rite now lol....on anotha note glad my lil shawty got a job..she a workin chick now...which is good cuz she makes herslef more independent which i dont have a problem its gucci..anyways im sure many of you heard about the false accusations applied against our beloved former teacher named mr.greenstreet frm hillside...and i think honestly he situation is all bullshit..ole girl got three damn different stories goin round skool....and weve dealt with many situations like this before with her..ive always been tight and close with the girl but as of bout now imma be skeptical till i find all dis shit out...i just really feel for her if she turns out to be a liar.....but only time and investigating will until then the WE WANT GREENSTREET MOVEMENT WILL CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!anyways im getting a tad bit tired so imma call it a nite...till my next blog im out---

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