Saturday, April 18, 2009

Im On It

been mad busy lately with gettin stuff together with school...settin stuff up with cvs and doin more writing....but i mean life is good im stress free and reallly culd care less bout anybody else problems but my own.....cuz in the end if theres no one else around all i got is myself....but other than dat spring has sucked as usual....i mean true it was good to handle needed biz and to relax but i kinda wished i wulda went sumwhere but its cool and i atleast saw my girl wen she got back frm vacation so i cant complain...prom was cool i enjoyed myself and i appreciate those who looked out for me but now its time to get on the grind and prepare for another one in may...but on anotha note i kno sumtimes my girl think she dont have my full attention or full interest but in reality u do..i mean im not perect and i have fallen short at times....and apologize for anything i mite have put u thru but its gonna be rough times n relationships especially if feelins and emotions are involved..and frm dis day foward i plan to do a hella better job as a boyfriend..cuz there r alot of things i can do better at and alot of things i need to stop doin..dat drive u up the wall..i appreciate u standin by a nigga side no matter wat...cuz i havent had to many girls in my life who have done that..thats wat makes me love ya cuz u hold me down regardless....btween u and ktr yall give me the most support more than anybody on this earth and no homo ktr but i love both yall for not da greatest person at times to put up with but yall do it so looks like nccu will b my college in the fall so im happy bout that cuz imma still b close to my nigga and close to my girl....and my writing been coming along good.....i mean theres still alot of room for growth but i think wit all da knowlegde ive gathered ovr he years frm dealin with music and the rite ppl and influences i think im doin really good then most guys shit dont sound stupid..its like im tryna build a comercial sound with lyrics also which alot of artist dont have cuz they r either too damn commercial or too damn lyrical.....but i got my nigga critiqing my stuff so i shuld b good...but im bout to go spend a lil time wit my pregnant ass sis and wash her car and den hopefully chill wit my girl..til my nxt blog im the way go check out them new tracks by nigga ktr and sean on facebook....and also check out that new wiz khalifa mixtape called flight school ..nice shit!!!!!!!

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