Monday, May 11, 2009

Definition Of A Hoe* - Exposing Realshit and Not Bullshit (SlutBag P Edition)

Everybody has their own definition of what a hoe is......some say a girl is a hoe if she sleeps with fiffty million niggas or suck every nigga dick that comes in her direction..ut in reality my definition of a hoe is a girl who has no fuckin values or morals and just settles for anything....over the past couple months ive witnessed true evidence as an example of a girl who carries the traits of a hoe....this broad carries herself with her head so low its pitiful..the fact that you have such low self esteem for yourself to the point that you just settle for anything or any nigga is not how a chick should be....ANYTIME YOU HAVE SLEPT WITH 21+ NIGGAS BEFORE THE AGE OF 18 is a complete disgrace..and you wonder why you never will find happiness becuzyou open ya legs to anybody.....then wanna claim "celibate" get the fuck outta here!!!!!! you cant be fuckin fiffty million niggas one day then the next day you wanna start bein celibate cuz u think dat maybe that will stop you from etting the way you stop gettin hurt is learning to value yaself and have more respect for yaself and keep ya fuckin legs closed I wuld be suprised if the broad got any walls left cuz her pussy been a damn revolving opeing and closing you have a true reason to hate me and start some shit...grow the fuck up and go get a papsmear............



  2. thats what it is though.....imma keep real and tell the TRUTH cuz dats all i ever do....i figure if i cant have what i want than mine as well have my pride and honest heart....