Monday, May 18, 2009

Rough Patches

u kno i always wonder is there ever a way to right your wrongs even after u apologize or even if u leave the situation alone and u just move on..but its like no matter what u do to correct what youve done its like the world continues to see u as dis bad person or times it seems like ppl want me to kiss they ass whenever i fall short or if im suppose to catch everything that cums to me in disquise im a human being just like everybody else in this world....the shit that we go thru and that happens to us was meant to becuz our expreinces are considered lessons for life...if we went thru life without problems than we wuld take everything for granted.....numba one thing that will always give you tough times is a relationship.....relationships are nvr easy especially when love is can make u or break can also b the greatest thing to ever occur to a human being or anyone who can feel it..lately my situation has been super rocky ..ive been the cause of it bein rocky and then partially i havent been been when ur in a relationship if both partners wanna make it work than both must have that same amount of care and desire to it cant b a o well i careless now becuz of all past situations ....its def gonna continue to b hard if u continung to press on the negative becuz u wont let it go u dont have to forget but tdont hold it against someone becuz if u do den those past issues or problems will be all u see in that person which in a sense is wrong.....if u see ur otherhalf workin to make shit work then u shuld do da same but if ur not than u wuld b better off admitting that u wanna go..but if u truely love that other person than u wuld work with them.....arguing isnt always the best thing to do but at times its a way to vent emotions to help ur other half understand wen they kinda confused or lost.....thats like a relationship will crash if two ppl arent holding on to steer it...and one person cant steer i alone cuz love is like a tonka truck...its too big and too much for one person to handle so thats y we share feelings and emotions which create love.......if a person was to ask me today..was i honestly in love with my better half i wuld say yea iam without a shadow of a doubt true i fucked up and made sum dumb choices but atleast ive realized my shortcummings and that im willing to better myself so i can stop doing the wrong things ive been doing.....i remeber hearing this saying that relationships are like broken glass that its not worth picking up becuz u can risk hurting urself..but in the case of this relationship...its worth all the cuts,bruises, and bleeding.........cuz this love is worth not perfect but i feel i can be the best that i can be to my other half...from learning frm my past and havin a desire to do hard to understand at times but u gotta take my good qualities along with my bad......and i feel that if i really sit down and make a list of the bad things about me and the good things about me..i culd guarentee my good will outweigh my bad....cuz along with the bad ive done in the aftermath ive always had a good heart and been apologetic.....well im bout at the end of my blog and i got sum music to go review that i just got so imma bump it and call it a nite ....----->im out till my next blog

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