Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Ambitions

damn its been a good week or so since my last b honest i aint really had anything to write about..well i have but the shit wulda been pointless..and prolly wulda kept an ongoing situation...but anyways i been consimplatin on whether i shuld start takin my writing a bit more with music ...and ive come to the conclusion that imma actually do latelty ive been writing daily inside a compositon book....practicing how to flip my words.....metaphors...and also putting stories within inside my case of advice imma take frm my nigga ktr is that i need o develop my own u will b a more unique efficient artist if u sound different frm others....nowadays anybody can rap about trappin..fuckin much money they got.....or what gun they gone shoot a nigga im writing of course im listening to other artist as examples as actual of course at this point im currently muting all my gucci out lol....i mean i respect the nigga as a artist and i like his shit but hes just not somebody i need to listen help me develop a talent in writng........i like to stick out so its gonna take me even more time develop my skill.....its like ive always wrote on an off but never really took it seriously .....and it feels like a now or never thing at this point.....and i mean a very wise person who is important to me stated that i shuld have a plan "B" if this music thing doesnt work out....TRUE....but i feel dat dis shit has to whether imma an artist or a manager/producer...iam determined to have a career that has some type of involvement with music....ive had a love for football and politics....but ive had a passion and love for music thats much stronger...but i just have to find my purpose in with my writing and expreminting i plan to find that future and life depends on it lol.....but anyways big ups to my nigga ktr going to perform in DC this weekend opening up for jadakiss....b sure to stop past his blog for more info on him..swear to god that nigga the next to bat to b the greatest....and im not dick ridin neither its just real shit my nigga nice...i also wuld like to thank certain hoes that been makin me famous lately yo...damn even when i dont open my mouth about anything in their direction my name still cums out there mouth but o well thats neither here or avoidin all drama at this point is too fuckin good and they say for every 60 seconds you spend mad or a minute you cant get back....which culda been a moment of happiness...ive learned that sumtimes ppl will nvr change but dat aint my willing to move on with life without holdin grudges but i guess others cant b mature and do the same....but it is wat it is.......

currently bumpin....Charles Hamilton- The Hamiltonization

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Bit

so this weekend was valetines day weekend....i started my weeknd off friday doing shopping for saturdays dinner and then later went to a duke and clemson basketball game....saturday came and i still had a lil more shopping to do becuz i wanted this vday to be memorable and i wanted to do things that ive never really done basically had dinner round bout 7:30...i cooked chicken alfredo corn and string beans with fettuccine noodles....i had a rose, ballon and other stuff waiitng for my valentine at the door....i not only cooked for me and my guest but i cooked for my parents and my brother and his parents werent really involved and left and my brothers date never showed up , so he left so it basically was just me and {her}..shit as cool ate dinner watch our favorite movie love and basketball ..baked a few cookies and shit....and it was all good. after a while after i had showered her with everything i had made and provided for her...i got a well needed back rub caught me off gurad at first cuz i had to realize somebody was actually doin somethin for the kidd and pretty much the remainder of the evening was all for me...shit just seemed so different about this vday idk if its becuz i was creative in the things i did....or is it becuz it was with the person it was with ..but it was just great and i didnt wanna wake up the nxt morning lol.....i guess the theme for this weekend was Drake's newest mixtape called "So Far Gone" shit crack actually if u need a copy of you can download it at livemixtapes. com or go on the blogspot titled {} shit fire a fuck..and more than likely im gonna end up playing it in the ground like i did comeback season lol......ive come to realize that i have a huge heart which isnt a bad thing its just my flaw for having a huge heart is dat i need to kno when to use that huge heart and wen not to..everybody is not worthy of that part of me which has been the trouble of most o my sitiuations and last nite the people who deserved that part of me was my fam {for the hour they were here lol} and {acg <3} but the rest of the nite was history lol and i look foward to many times and other valentine days like that again.....

*till my nxt blog dueces da kidd out

Monday, February 9, 2009

Scattered Thoughts and Standstills

its like 4 in the morning and im here on my desktop writing yet another eyes opened this morning approximately at about 4:05 and im thinking to myself like why am i up so damn early???? so i turn back over to try and get more sleep cuz i didnt wanna get up till bout 5am becuz thats wat tyme i had planned to go do my run....but i had no while im just laying in my bed wide awake.....mad thoughts run thru my have you ever had so many thoughts that it seemed like they were too damn scattered to the point you cant take time to figure one thought out......i hate at times that im a analytical thinker......becuz it makes me really confuse at times becuz i cant figure out somethin without thinking bout somethin as more time passes i began to think more and more bout stuff like school....where will i be nxt and what part will i play in it....and certain people i do not plan to continue calling friends in 2009 because they are practically dead weight.....alot of times i feel im at a standstill with my music because not much of myself produces anything but mere lines of poetry and lil shit i write every now and then.....and ideas here and there..its like i want more for myself with this so called thing that im passionate about.......i want more for my nigga..cuz on sum real shit he got the potential to be one of the greatest.......i sometimes think of the shit i have to do on my i see other kids and shit and the things their parents do for them and things they show them that are really simple but important....and i wonder why the fuck my ppls dont help me with some of those things.....simple shit like learning how to invest money.....its crazy becuz if you think about it...i really take of care of my damn self......i buy my own clothes .....i pay anything and everything for my phone......i buy my own damn food at senior year so far has been funded by me so far......i got my on hustle that keeps money in my pocket.....and if i wanna get my license i gotta get my own insurance which will be expensive as fuck.....its crazy cuz my ppls expect so much out of me.....but do little to help...i mean yea my pop keep a roof over my head but thats only cuz im still in highschool......other than that he dont do much for me....and im not even gonna get started on mom dukes....but i just wonder when my time will come to sit comfortable and be able to handle all my shit without problems...and be able to have things i may want or desire....i feel everybody has to go thru some type of struggle at some point in their life....and i guess im just goin thru mine early and that my future will be alot better and succesful becuz my struggle has made me strong and i also feel that ppl who dont kno wat it feels like to go without take alot of shit for granted...but i know exactly what it feels like so i appreciate anything i get and have....i got more to say but its time to go get my early mornin workout started........

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Agenda

so today i started off my official first day of dieting an exercise......ive had a few mornings of getting up to go run just to maintain my weight and health...but as of today i started it with a diet also.....i got up at about 4am...threw on sum sweats...and sum shoes and walked across my complex to the fitness our fitness room is no bigger han my damn bedroom lol...but it has a decent tredmill and walking bike and shoulder press i started off with a 45 minute run on the treadmill and then a 15 minute cool down walk......when i got bak to da crib...i began to do crunches....i did about 100 total...afterwards i got myself together for skool and my lil mornin diet will consist of a serving of peanuts with a bottle of water every morning....a workout may not seeem important to others but its fucking rediculous of all the ppl in my fam who are diabetics at such a young age or either they got high blood pressure...for the most part i wuld say i have a decent form but it wuldnt hurt to get a lil bigger and tighten up...cuz its getting hotter..which means a time to wear less clothes..and i got a couple places i wanna put sum tats..and u cant pop out a shirt without a decent build..well i mean u can if u got an i dont give a fuck mentallity like rick ross lol but it does disgust me seeing him on the covers of magazines like i mean shit i guess it really is true that they say u kinda lose ya mind wen u get a nice amount of me appearance is with that note im gonna do my best to keep up with my apperance...P.S. shout out to my steelers for winning tht game last nite for the most part the cardinals gave them a good game but Big Ben kept his cool and pulled it out plus it was good to see my father the so called "Cowboys' fan face now that pittsburgh has more superbowl titles than the cowboys