Thursday, May 21, 2009

*Emotions Will Never Die*

The battle is not yet over when in reality its really just begun, even though im down and out now in the end i will be the one to stand in victory when the battle is emotions for you grew directly when i met you...damn who woulda knew that it would have to come to my heart getting pricked for me to realize that you were growing tired of i write and i write and i true feelings that might have been in the dark is now coming to the and you both know the difference between whats right and whats one of your favorite songs are titled "Us Against The World" I refuse to back down from the fight....while things get rough my endurance and determination becomes tough...and at the same time i realize that all i do is never enuff...As i lay wounded on this battle field bleeding passion and emotion Ive chose that no matter how hard it is to stay above water and swim i will overcome this unbearable ocean...and i feel if we both agree and pledge to take a paddle than our boat will continue floatin

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