Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Ambitions

damn its been a good week or so since my last b honest i aint really had anything to write about..well i have but the shit wulda been pointless..and prolly wulda kept an ongoing situation...but anyways i been consimplatin on whether i shuld start takin my writing a bit more with music ...and ive come to the conclusion that imma actually do latelty ive been writing daily inside a compositon book....practicing how to flip my words.....metaphors...and also putting stories within inside my case of advice imma take frm my nigga ktr is that i need o develop my own u will b a more unique efficient artist if u sound different frm others....nowadays anybody can rap about trappin..fuckin much money they got.....or what gun they gone shoot a nigga im writing of course im listening to other artist as examples as actual of course at this point im currently muting all my gucci out lol....i mean i respect the nigga as a artist and i like his shit but hes just not somebody i need to listen help me develop a talent in writng........i like to stick out so its gonna take me even more time develop my skill.....its like ive always wrote on an off but never really took it seriously .....and it feels like a now or never thing at this point.....and i mean a very wise person who is important to me stated that i shuld have a plan "B" if this music thing doesnt work out....TRUE....but i feel dat dis shit has to whether imma an artist or a manager/producer...iam determined to have a career that has some type of involvement with music....ive had a love for football and politics....but ive had a passion and love for music thats much stronger...but i just have to find my purpose in with my writing and expreminting i plan to find that future and life depends on it lol.....but anyways big ups to my nigga ktr going to perform in DC this weekend opening up for jadakiss....b sure to stop past his blog for more info on him..swear to god that nigga the next to bat to b the greatest....and im not dick ridin neither its just real shit my nigga nice...i also wuld like to thank certain hoes that been makin me famous lately yo...damn even when i dont open my mouth about anything in their direction my name still cums out there mouth but o well thats neither here or avoidin all drama at this point is too fuckin good and they say for every 60 seconds you spend mad or a minute you cant get back....which culda been a moment of happiness...ive learned that sumtimes ppl will nvr change but dat aint my willing to move on with life without holdin grudges but i guess others cant b mature and do the same....but it is wat it is.......

currently bumpin....Charles Hamilton- The Hamiltonization

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