Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Bit

so this weekend was valetines day weekend....i started my weeknd off friday doing shopping for saturdays dinner and then later went to a duke and clemson basketball game....saturday came and i still had a lil more shopping to do becuz i wanted this vday to be memorable and i wanted to do things that ive never really done basically had dinner round bout 7:30...i cooked chicken alfredo corn and string beans with fettuccine noodles....i had a rose, ballon and other stuff waiitng for my valentine at the door....i not only cooked for me and my guest but i cooked for my parents and my brother and his parents werent really involved and left and my brothers date never showed up , so he left so it basically was just me and {her}..shit as cool ate dinner watch our favorite movie love and basketball ..baked a few cookies and shit....and it was all good. after a while after i had showered her with everything i had made and provided for her...i got a well needed back rub caught me off gurad at first cuz i had to realize somebody was actually doin somethin for the kidd and pretty much the remainder of the evening was all for me...shit just seemed so different about this vday idk if its becuz i was creative in the things i did....or is it becuz it was with the person it was with ..but it was just great and i didnt wanna wake up the nxt morning lol.....i guess the theme for this weekend was Drake's newest mixtape called "So Far Gone" shit crack actually if u need a copy of you can download it at livemixtapes. com or go on the blogspot titled {} shit fire a fuck..and more than likely im gonna end up playing it in the ground like i did comeback season lol......ive come to realize that i have a huge heart which isnt a bad thing its just my flaw for having a huge heart is dat i need to kno when to use that huge heart and wen not to..everybody is not worthy of that part of me which has been the trouble of most o my sitiuations and last nite the people who deserved that part of me was my fam {for the hour they were here lol} and {acg <3} but the rest of the nite was history lol and i look foward to many times and other valentine days like that again.....

*till my nxt blog dueces da kidd out

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