Monday, February 2, 2009

New Agenda

so today i started off my official first day of dieting an exercise......ive had a few mornings of getting up to go run just to maintain my weight and health...but as of today i started it with a diet also.....i got up at about 4am...threw on sum sweats...and sum shoes and walked across my complex to the fitness our fitness room is no bigger han my damn bedroom lol...but it has a decent tredmill and walking bike and shoulder press i started off with a 45 minute run on the treadmill and then a 15 minute cool down walk......when i got bak to da crib...i began to do crunches....i did about 100 total...afterwards i got myself together for skool and my lil mornin diet will consist of a serving of peanuts with a bottle of water every morning....a workout may not seeem important to others but its fucking rediculous of all the ppl in my fam who are diabetics at such a young age or either they got high blood pressure...for the most part i wuld say i have a decent form but it wuldnt hurt to get a lil bigger and tighten up...cuz its getting hotter..which means a time to wear less clothes..and i got a couple places i wanna put sum tats..and u cant pop out a shirt without a decent build..well i mean u can if u got an i dont give a fuck mentallity like rick ross lol but it does disgust me seeing him on the covers of magazines like i mean shit i guess it really is true that they say u kinda lose ya mind wen u get a nice amount of me appearance is with that note im gonna do my best to keep up with my apperance...P.S. shout out to my steelers for winning tht game last nite for the most part the cardinals gave them a good game but Big Ben kept his cool and pulled it out plus it was good to see my father the so called "Cowboys' fan face now that pittsburgh has more superbowl titles than the cowboys

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