Monday, March 9, 2009

Progress and Success

well its bout time for another blog.....not just cuz i got recent shit to talk about but becuz supposedly i bring someone pleasure becuz they like reading for the past couple days i been just chillen stayin ontop of this skool shit ..finally got a job workin at CVS..which was hella needed cuz senior year is expensive not to mention prom is around the corner...and i plans to do it big since its my last one......but anways ive been blessed to finally get another phone and i actually like it better than my phone cuz its smaller and its touch screen and i have also acquired a new dell laptop which was very much needed cuz ive always wanted one i mean i have my own desktop cpu but it eels good to have my own laptop and be able to lock it so no one else can use it......i dont mind sharing but somethings i just dont wanna share and this is one of them....this weekend has been the greatest weekned ever cuz it was just me and my pops chillen at the crib like old times it was so peaceful and quiet.....and drama free and i think we all needed a vakay frm each other so im glad my bro and moms got away to see they fam......i also went out to the movies with my girl on saturday night to go see dat new madea film and it was actually good i wuld advise those who read this post to go see it.......but it was a nice chill evening with just me and her which was great.....only thing that was bad was the fact that i was an hour late but i saved myself from being put in the dog house by alrdy calling her and tellin her i was gonna b runnin a bit late ......but she got ovr it anyway lol i think she loves me too much to trip ovr somethin small and im usually on time...this week is gonna b a three day week for me bcuz thurday i get excused frm skool to help host a african american black males conference at nccu and then friday the city is excusing me to go to a youth legislation conference in raliegh which will last throughout the i get a free hotel room at the sheraton to just get away frm durham for a couple days which is i get closer to graduation i began to reflect ovr my years in highschool and i cant believe its almost ovr...and thats its time to start a new chapter.......ive noticed im not leavin with those i came in still doin my daily writing and i feel dat im getting better but there always "Room For Improvement" lol but its a work in progress.....i think its safe to say that i have found half of myself which is an accomplishment in my eyes..ive come such a long way frm what i used to be and i wont lie but ive kinda developed a i dont give a fuck what others think imma do me....i can now seperate my friends frm the snakes......i remeber when i use to wonder what ppl at skool thought about me but at this point it doesnt matter becuz iam who iam and no one can change that......i regret my past but im also thankful for it cuz each past experience good o bad has helped shape me into who and what u see today.....well it almost imma hit the wifey up and then call it a nite....da kidd out till my nxt blog

currently listening to : Marsha Ambrosius :Yours Truely


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  2. Nigga be trappin for a living and nigga with these long as blogs you need an actual im bout to download that medea shit fuck tyler perry nah ima go see it whenever my schedules free don't you just miss when you ain't have shit to do now its the opposite...