Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iam The Indian Summer In Her Coldest Winter

as crzy as shit has been lately i realized i cant even complain...ive had some good things and some bad things..but in reality my good has out weighed my fam is full circle bestfriend is reaching higher and higher with his music...and im starting to get school together..and last but def not least ive built a very firm friendship and growing relationship with someone i can now truely call an actual {better half}....i mean ive had many relationship where i thought i could call a chick the "one" and then ive def had some that were a wste of time or just shulda never been a relationship....i feel one of my many flaws in a relationship is being so impulsive and being so rdy to jump into it and another flaw wuld b "backtracking" meaning when ive had a relationship with a chick and after they done so many things to show that i dont need to b with or they just do a nigga wrong i let my feelings get the best of me and i go back with them thinkin shit will b different....ive done that three times with three different girls....and at this point ive grown tired of it the way i do shit now is once im done with a girl especially if she was da reason we broke up...i dont look back frm this day foward i loook toward my cant have a good future if ur always dwelling on ur past especially if its negative things or ppl....i have confidence that this will work becuz before actually dating this "somebody" we took the time to learn how to be friends which is something else ive never really done which is learn how to be a friend first before u try and become a lover......we have communication.......we got fifty million things in common lol.......understanding.....respect for one another......we accept both flaws and good traits and last but not least weve established "TRUST"......i think one huge memory i have btween us is one night we were on one of our late nite convos and it was about 12:12 am and she said somethin like "im nothin like ur past but im all about ur future" now to others that may not seem like somethin major but words like that kind of provokes thought like damn dis chick might really b somethin like a sense of security or confidence........and i mean if this relationship doesnt work out atleats weve instilled a firm friendship to fall back on and i will just continue on with life.....but for now at this point we {Bonnie &Clyde} lookin towards what the future has in store.2009 is my year and so far its a great year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dedicated to {MotherNature}

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