Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd semester

well so far 2nd semester is iight.....i mean my classes arent the most liked but i mean its mostly my fault for fuckin around in my earlier years of symphonic 4 band class is full of fuckin new tech students and its a little latin 2 class is iight but my teachers drone way of teaching is torture and full of advance functions class is cool because my teacher is such a push over lol..but its just too many students which makes it hard to find a seat especially if ur late....and my small bizz class wuld b cool if our teacher mr artis wasnt leaving so now im just gonna drop that class and prolly pick up english 4 again....{bitchass schutte flunked me} ovr three fuckin points!!!!!!!!!!!....but anyways as i get closer to grduation i realize that alot of ppl i came into highschool with are no longer present whether due to dropping out or if they passed away...which is most cases in highschools these days.....its crazy cuz its like you go on a rollercoaster of many different friends thru ppl you been tight with since middle skool either change or choose a different path dats not a smart path so ovr time u kinda part ways away frm them....but its all apart of life and i believe when one friendship ends ..another one will eventually fall together....or like the saying goes "sometimes things fall apart so some things can fall in place" which brings me to my nxt subject of the very interesting week of had...its amazing how ppl never realize what they have until its when they see you movin on ..they either talk shit.....get jealous...or try to cause complete madness in ur life cuz they hate that they are no longer in the picture....wats the point of being so FUCKING territorial or protective of something that you lost due to you not appreciating it and lying....why couldnt you hold wat u had close at the time then..but now that youve been erased or put to the back seat seee someone getting in that passenger seat with the kidd so now u wanna work and force urself back to the front ..nah sorry it doesnt work like that ....a person has had not once but twice the chnces to win the kidd heart and blew both chances....only silly hoes sit around and gossip about what goes on in a nigga life without having a clue of wat is really going on.....after reviewing my thoughts of the entire situation ..i laugh cuz its amazing how "some" females can be so conniving to point where its sick...........

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