Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Do You Define As Swag?

its amazing ovr time how everybody now claims how they got swag or who has swag and who doesnt have swag...its definately crazy when a person claims they have swag when really they dont even know what swag is....when you think of the word swag what comes to mind ..wellll hmmmm lets think as if you have the mind of a so called "trapstar" or "baller" lol they wuld say" shit i got swag cuz i got hoes on deck or "i got stacks on deck" soulja boy" {MATTTTTTTTTTT} lol or let my pants hang low....to me if a person thinks this way ....then you are the most ignorant peron known to man....personally i feel soulja boys song turn my swag on was a waste of studio time...beat was kinda hard but the purpose and meaning of the song was idiotic......my personal true definition of swag would the way a person carries them self not measured of how much money or hoes they got or how much pussy they get but really just like what things make you stand out..if you me a person who is more an individual has more swag than anybody because they set standards or even at times they are the trend setters..ppl waste more time tryna be like other ppl when really they never even tried being themselves..therefore cauing them to not know who they are as a person which i wuld like to call "identity crisis" lol.....swag is just a slang word created by todays rappers....the real word would be demeanor which sounds more articulate......and actually makes more sense to say instead of "swag".......

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