Tuesday, January 27, 2009


well first i wuld like to introduce myself....my name is carmen jones.....i plan to leak no further information but that....but ive known about this blog shit for a lil minute i been tempted to make one but never really found time to make one....until my nigga ktr made his soon i realized this shit culd actually b cool.....like to voice out my opinion about shit by anyway i may choose...my blogs will probably send out shots at times depending the situation or how i may b feelin at the time....but anyways this is my blog feel free to comment on any shit that i may place up here....as you can see i have a high love and passion for my music....one of the many things that interest me....i first fell in love with music when i was 6 years old ...and my first hiphop song i ever heard was by the "Fugees Ready or Not"..fire shit .....mainly because the track had great word play and a hard ass beat...but anyways time for this small blog to end.....more soon

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