Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grown up

bling bling burrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! lol its been hella long since ive blogged and much has changed in the kidd life but for the best.....and my summer has been crzy but its all feelin ontop of the world right now becuz i feel my life is going in the direction it needs to.......ive cut my circle of friends to a minimum and im cool with everyone in that circle cuz i can trust them..and of course that nigga K still my main nigga no homo even though we been doin different shit but no matter what thats a nigga ace...ive made sum tuff choices lately but they were for the betterment of me.....why the fuck shuld ppl have there cake and eat it to...for years i let females control a nigga emotions ..thoughts ....and decisions and i just grew and angry and tired of it .....i mean i guess lately ive been lashing out and hurting feelngs but its only a counter to how bitches have done me....sum may take it as cold heartness but really its just me makin myself numba 1......i treat others how they treat me and i only put in a relationsjip or friendship as much as the other person can say im feeelin myself or growin up but either way im just doin wats best for me...cuz in the end dats all i have is tired of ppl sayin one thing to me and doing anger towards females i will admit has got outta control...but its just ive held it in for so long....and ive always been the nice guy...and nowadays i have a short fuse for bullshit and i cut niggas off quick .....wen u step to me step to me correct and real and not on mother always told me not to trust her and damnit i shulda listened.....a cut throat additude is wats gonna help me in this pool of snakes especially when you only got ppl hitting you up when they need shit......then when you help them they are never felt a way last nite that i havent felt in a long time...and mostly cuz it was with the closest ppl in my life at this point.....i just found out i culd walk into nccu sumtime in january so cum skool time my nose will b buried in the books and i got like 3 weeks till i get my shit bought to get real nice for dakidd....i apologize if ive hurt feelins lately but at this point its all about me....and what i wanna do.....ive done to much settling and now imma lift my some of you ppl might wanna do the same.....

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