Monday, June 15, 2009

One Man Against The World

now that graduation is all ovr i can get back to my blogging...its been a crazy lil grad week and weekend...but now that its ovr im just chillen out and getting my hands glued to alot of this money out also gone be back in the studio this week wit my nigga the rest of this summer shuld go pretty smooth...i got mad love from my fam and friends at my graduation and my cookout....and im guessin that this is now my oppurtunity to actually "SayWhats Real" and i mean that in regrads to what my life is like at this point....which is pretty good i mean it culd b worse but im bein blessed by the man upstairs with the things i do have....i mean i didnt ask for my life to be how it is these where just the cards i been dealt..i also didnt ask god to make me how iam but i can honestly say that i love who iam...god made me to b unique....and to go along with it i have a unique name that i hate to go with it but i accept it...we all humans in this world which means were all gonna make mistakes and fall short..but what matters most is what you do to learn from those mistakes....sometimes we are given situations to help test us to seee if we will break....and if you see it thru then u will b strong as goin thru somethin as im writing this blog...and at first i was just laying around feeling down about shit and having a rollercoaster emotions and moods but then i had to just let go and let god and live my life..cuz life doesnt pause for no random night when i culdnt sleep i sat down and wrote an equation out for my life and everything that has been happening now makes complete sense and i realized that i done told a certain someone that this was the end but in actually its not..but in time that situation will re unfold itself..until then im takin the oppurtunity ive been givin to help better the kidd as an all around person so that way when i get everything on track i can honestly thank them for helping me become the better man i need to that ive realized their true reason and purpose for being in my life no matter who they r with or what they choose their will always be a special place for them in my feels good to wake up in the morning with a braceless smile and the ambition to see what imma achieve within a day..ive learned to live everyday to the fullest cuz it may be your last....well imma bing this blog to a close becuz one of my favorite moviiess is coming on which is love and basketball and i like the fact that i can sit and recite every line to it lol .....after the movie then its off to the studio...but until then you ppl can follow me on twitter>>>>>>

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