Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reset Button

wow its been a minute since ive blogged....been somethings in life happening thats been out of my control and some that i could but all i can say is that im blessed to still be alive and money in my pocket....since the end of the summer i been just workin and getting rdy for skool in januaray not all that happy with my job but hell its a job so its all good might be at UPS in november but hey till then im paper chasin cuz i got goals and plans...but anyways on another note i got anotha edition in my life...or in other words a girlfriend....had to realize that in order to move away frm ur past u gotta let old things go and not let them go just cuz u tryna be mean or evil but just for whats right for you.....alot of the women i let go of in my life im glad there gone espcially two of them cuz one was always running game on a nigga and the other was just popping in and out my life so much that it was just best if she just stayed the distance was ridiculous......but one person who will always remain close to my heart is mothernature.....yea ive moved on with someone else but my love for her will never die but i just kno rite now that she just currently not fitting my puzzle with all thats going on.....i can honestly say she has kept it the realist with me no matter what....shes never lied..cheated nor played my face,,,so i got alot of respect for her......and i kno she will find someone whos just perfect for her....but not to create some sad depressing happy with my life i aint felt this way in a while,,,...and im lookin foward to how i will look by nxt year..its like this transiton into manhood has been rough but i lov how its goin cuz its bringing along some real good ppl and things...ive also became alot more im at a point where im not the emotional ass nigga who always felt like he needed someone or a girl i got my own self...fuck anybody else lol.....another thing thats makin me feel good is my nigga ktr still on his shit good to hear my nigga went to the beach and repped hard for us.....and his project should be droppin sometime nxt month....but i can honestly say i wake up with a smile everymorning....and a great feeling at night this is truely a step towards the carmen i been striving to be...the carmen who stands on his own two feet and makes any of my own dreams and goals into usual my taste in women are the girl is a freshman at A&T...goal oriented....belief in god.......has my best interest....and takes HELLA good care of me....i mean i aint always been honest abe or mr perfect but i think shes beginning to bring out the best in the kid...she actaully makes me wanna do rite.....i use to regret my past like wit females and and some of the ones i dealt wit but i actually appreciate those expreiences cuz they have shaped me into the man iam advice for those i left in the past i hope ya life and all is well..and keep ya head up and i wish yall much success..cuz imma get mine no matter what...thats why i titled this blog reset button cuz i feel i had to hit a reset button to get back to the carmen i help upgrade myself as a i consider myself a better carmen...thats more focused and driven to do whatever i want and desire to do......i got my whole life ahead of me and im the way whip cominm real sooonnnnnnnnnn lol till my nxt blog which mayb after work im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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