Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh Start

ayeeee wats good its been like maybe 2 weeks since my last blog....i took a break cuz i realized everytime i got an issue i blog aout it...and somethings that i been goin thru lately just didnt need to be blogged about....but in reality i just needed to face the music of my situation and finally close doors that shoulda been closed......i feel alot better now that ive realized how shit shuld be......my situation seemed like a bad infection that was starting to spread over me but i had this one part that i needed to cut off to save what dignity and good nature i have left and i feel hella better that ts gone its sad mad ppl had to show me signs and tell me over and over what i shulda done..but its like you have to get a spoon full of reality or expreince somethin tough to see what you need to do to bring change to your situation...as of now i like where i stand and i just plan to sit back and get this money (the right way) and work on rebuilding a friendship that means the world to me....i know that shit sounded soft as hell.....but she mean alot to me whether i wanna admit it or not.....its like god puts ppl in ya life for a reason and they can either be there to test you or help make you stronger....i appreciate the person who has made me stronger and i appreciate the person who has tested me cuz theyve made me stronger to......all i can wish for the person who has tested me is that i hope and wish u find yaself in life and that one day you truely settle down and make somebody happpy and stop bein so afraid to fall..just give sum lucky nigga a chance....for rite now da kidd is single and not really lookin for any relationship just yet cuz in a sense i still have an unfinished one so imma stay true to myself and do what i need to do....on anotha note my moms flys in today and damnit im super excited lol.....i aint seen my mom since last july....and im rdy to b a mommas boy for a week lol...i love my moms....and last but not least i graduate in two days....this is somethin i been waiting for all my life for 12 years and its here..its time to take that step into life and manhood and i dont fear it....im rdy for it..im prepared ...this summer is gonna be om point and i plan to enjoy in a smart and safe way..cuz life is to short but imma live it to the fullest.....my nigga ktr got sum fresh tracks rollin out and i say the same for myself.....but the grind is def goin hard...lol be on the lookout for sum new stuff this summer....but i got grad rehearsal and then the pool to go hit up so till my nxt blog which will prolly be on graduation im out CLASS OF 09 WE OUT THIS BISHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! LOL

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  1. You are the BeSt! I am sooo proud of you and I am AlWaYs here for you rEmEmbEr that!