Wednesday, April 1, 2009


so just when everything seems like its gonna be great shit gets just recently i decided that im gonna go to my senior prom.....random rite? but i mean hell my date offered to pay for somethings so i mean im not gonna pass it up plus i wanted to go bein that it is my senior prom..and i ive never been to prom since ive been in prettty much everything is set to go except my tux...ticket money to eat and everything is basically i mention to my pop ayo look i got all bases basically covered except my tux i kno wat i want imma need ya help getting it...he says ok cool let me just check on ya grades i say ok cool....he checks them....we discover im slippin in my latin..but it aint nothin dat i cant bring up so basically he says im not gonna pay it or put out the money which pisses me off like its not that m dad doesnt wanna do it..its just my dad has never really gave me any money for anything yes he keeps a roof over my head...but anything outside of that he doesnt do and i wuld atleast think he wuld put somethin towards my senior prom especailly wen hes not even bein asked of much..and its like all my life true i may not have always managed good grades but i feel i was atleats dcent shit skool aint for everybody but i make da best of wat i choose to do.....and its like i feel my pops has always took advantage of wen i didnt do well in skool like since i wasnt bringing home great grades then i dont have to buy him shit for xmas or bday and thats the additude i feel he has always had....i cant remeber that last time my pop bought me somethin for xmas or doesnt matter much or bother me now dat im older but it sucks not fully getting the support i shuld at home and my ma aint currently sendin me shit now cuz shes not workin cuz shes fighting its up to me to grind shit out....i kno its niggas in worse situations but damn i feel that no youth should go with out..but due to sum parents that sum of us have been born to we gotta deal with itand keep our heads up especially since were suppose to be the fuckin future...but yet no one really invests in us like they shuld its amazin how otha ppl whose not even my parent are doin stuff for me and i appreciate it i swear i do..but it makes me think like damn sometimes im better off raising myself..but at this point i plan to just take it a day at a time and just cruise to june 11 and i plan to make it to prom regardless especially bein dat my ticket has been paid for ..but its just senseless how much help i lack from my pops at home....i swear soon as shit fall thru with college im outta imma just keep my head up and do wateva i gotta do to keep a dollar runnin thru my hands and into my pockets cuz i refuse to go with out.....>>deuces<<

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